This site is a labor of love, a gift of sorts to promote the people i follow on twitch that have provided me with months and months of free entertainment. The fact is I was once a professional person, and do to becoming a full-time home care giver my income has been severely reduced for almost 8 years. So I just can’t help support with monetarily funding but feel I can be of service in other ways …..

like creating Honors Hold Follows twitter account that retweets my favorite bloggers and streamers. Now I am going to branch out again and start creating small fun events that will bring your channels more viewers through creating interest through fun events.

But what I cannot do monetarily, I can make up by giving my time and effort promoting my favorite streamers, bloggers, and YouTube channels. I am thankful that I have those places as an outlet and a chance to take my mind of daily troubles. I sincerely thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Corny, maybe, but true.  May the events I create bring you some fun topics and bring more traffic to your channels.